About Us

Founded in 2006, by scientist entrepreneurs Inrea Research is a fast growing patent research, analysis and licensing support company.

Inrea Research today is a trusted partner of numerous multinationals, SMEs, law firms, IP Licensing companies, IP Consultants and Venture Capitalists in US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

At Inrea Research

  • Our analysts are subject matter experts from the top universities of India with professional
    experience in serving fortune 500 companies, IP Licensing companies, IP consultants and leading law firms across the globe.

  • We subscribe to numerous patent and non-patent databases to ensure extensive information

  • We provide rapid turn around time and are completely flexible to our delivery models.

  • You can generate more than 40% savings in cost because of our operations being located in India.

  • We provide insightful information in quick turn around time using a variety of data extraction,transformation and summarization tools.